Sunday, 13 September 2015

Night at the West End

Happy Sunday everybody ! What have you all been up to this week?

I had a lovely evening out at the West End this week, a friend and I got last minute tickets to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

At the recommendation of my flatmate we went to Sophie's Steakhouse. This girl always get's it right and I wasn't disappointed. We went for the pre-theather express menu, two courses for £15, but the quality was worth twice that. I choose the soup of the day to start with, which was potato, and it was so yummy and creamy and delicious. The portion size was very generous, I had to stop myself eating it all so I would have room for my burger. You know the burger is going to be good when you are asked how you would like it cooked. I went for medium and it was served cooked to perfection. The perfect amount of pink. It literally melted in my mouth. The service was great and super speedy. We were in and out in around an hour which was perfect timing for our show.

Firstly, our seats were brilliant. We only booked up the day before and at less than £35 a ticket so I thought that perhaps we wouldn't have the best view. But, when we arrived we were moved seats and ended up second from front row in the Royal Circle (the advantages of a mid-week show)! I'm not sure what I was expecting; but Charlie and the Chocolate Factory exceed. It was a brilliant show. The sets and the production were incredible. The young cast was so impressive. There were so little and tiny but had more talent in their little finger nail than I do ! The first half nearly had me in tears, and the second was just bursting with colour and imagination.

If your in the West End, go to Sophie's Steakhouse. And if you not, book tickets to Charlie and the Chocolate factory and go !


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