Thursday, 20 August 2015

Night Owl

I am such a night time person. Through and through, without a doubt. It's when I get my inspiration, my motivation and my best ideas.

Unfortunately, being a Night Owl is just not conducive to a nine to five world. Every morning is a struggle and involves a  fierce battle with the alarm clock ('can I get away with one more snooze?'). I literally minute swap. If I wear my glasses instead of my contacts today that's two more minutes in bed. My hair doesn't really need a wash today, dry shampoo will do won't it? For an extra twenty minutes, yes it will do !

I'm lucky enough to be able to walk to my office, which does a lot to help wake me up in the morning. I can at least face talking to another human being by the time I arrive at my desk, and talking is a useful skill in the work place (!). I grab a coffee and scan the morning news. I catch up with my co-workers. I check emails, make my to-do list, check the morning news again, catch up with different co-workers. I grab another coffee. It is safe to say that I am not at my most productive during the first hour or two of the day.

Then, typically, around 10pm I get a boost of energy and an urgency to get things done that has alluded me all day. When I should be winding down to get a good nights sleep, I become a flurry of activity. Cleaning, tidying, working on my project of the moment, exersicing, planning. All of which leaves me too wired to get a good nights sleep when I finally head to bed. Which does not help with my hating mornings! Vicious cycle.

Oh how I would love if work started just a couple of hours later. But then, it would end later. So I would go to sleep later. So I would get up later. So my 8am would be 11am, but wouldn't it feel like 8am still? But 11am is just so much more of a civilized time to get out of bed in my opinion.

It's not all bad. According to this article, it means that I am 'more intelligent' (also, I love some of the imagery used in that article). Here is a less biased view as to what characterizes night owls vs. early risers, and also gives some explanations as to why I hate my alarm so much.

What about you guys? Are you are Night Owl or an Early Bird? How does it effect your day?

- Ko 


  1. I am absolutely Night Owl. I think the biggest reason for that is the own time witch you can't get earlier. You have your dailywork and then later homework at home so the only moment for your own time is late evening and at night. I'm allso very tired in the morning but luckily we have coffee. It helps a lot! :)

    1. That's true and a good point. Night if often the only time we have to ourselves. And I agree - coffee is a life saver !

  2. I have to add my last comment that the Internet takes so much time. Evenings goes very fast when you read, write, watch videos and so on. You don't even realise how time goes by...and the mornings (days too) here north (in Finland) are really bad at dark time of the year (which is soon).

    1. Time flies by so quickly. Hope the dark time of year in Finland goes by fast for you !